About us

Ozono I&D is a company founded in 2009 and specialized in assistance and advice services for Ceramic Tile Manufacturers. From then until now, we have been working in some projects in more than fifteen different countries in four continents.


Our main objective is the Satisfaction of our Customers through the improvement of the Margin Profit of the Company. All our services are oriented to facilitate this objective with technical, economical and process solutions.



More than 25 years of experience in the field of International Consulting and in the Ceramic Tile Sector in Spain and other countries.


Our only and exclusively commitment is our Customer. We respect the relations between the customer and their suppliers. We are Autonomous.


We are totally involved in the development in all of our projects with high responsability until completion of the works.


We guarantee our Customers the confidentiality of all the information related to our works and projects.


Very high percentage of success in all kind of projects we have developed along our professional trajectory.


We have our own R+D+i department for searching new products and the process improvement in the Ceramic Tile Sector.